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Best search engine optimization company in India based in moga , Punjab. Unlike any other seo company, our seo experts analyze your business needs, research for best keywords that suits your company reputation and generate keyword rich content for your website.

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How we do on Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

This is how we optimize your website pages, so they will have the best chance to get found by your target customers. We focus on all important factors to consider when optimizing each page on your site. We also remember that creating new optimized content on a weekly basis is critical to achieving long-term success with SEO.

Choose Keywords

First of all we need some research on your Business and find out what people search for when trying to find products or services that your Business or Website is offering.  We need to choose one primary keyword, 2 secondary keywords and make a list of upto 10 keywords that we are going to use in website content

Page Title

The page title appears as the blue, bolded, underlined text on a Google search results. Page title should be under 70 characters with no more than two long-tail keywords per page title. The primary keyword should appear first and ach keyword phrase should be separated by pipes (|).  Each page title on your website should be unique and except for your homepage and contact us page, each page title should not include your business name.

Meta Description

The meta description appears on a Google search results page under the Page Title. The meta description should be under 100-150 characters. Include the primary keyword and at least one secondary keyword in the description and write it in a good and professional manner.


The website page’s URL should include the primary keyword. Each word in the URL should be separated using dashes (-). e.g.

Heading Tags

The page should have one H1 heading tag that inlude the primary keyword, and should match with the page title and the URL or the page. The H1 tag should appear at the top of the page and should be the first thing people see when they arrive on a page.

Page Content

Use your primary keyword a few times throughout the page’s content. Don’t over think keyword density or placement, you should mention them naturally. Try to bold or underline the keyword at least once. This has an effect on how relevant the keyword is to the page. Also mention the secondary keywords whenever you can.

Call to Action Button

Each page on your website, should have at least one call to action Button. Call to action can help SEO by creating an internal link on your website to a specific landing page.

Internal Links

If you mention the primary keyword of this page on other pages within your site, then link to this page using the primary keyword as the anchor text.


Any images used on the page should be optimized so that search engines can “read” the image. Optimize the most prominent image on the page using the primary keyword, and then use the primary and secondary keywords for any other images.

File name: Each word should be separated with dashes (-), e.g. product-image.jpg

ALT text: The alt text should match the file name, without dashes, e.g. product image

Meta Keywords

We use your primary and secondary keyword in the page’s meta keywords.

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